Legend has it that Sassy’s great granddaddy used to run moonshine stills throughout the Delta. While out making his shine, he would often smoke a hog for his buddies while the shine was boiling. He developed a sauce to pour on the meat and naturally added a little moonshine to spice up the taste. His recipe and techniques were eventually passed down to his great granddaughter, Trish, whom he nicknamed “Sassy.” It’s rumored to this day that there is a little moonshine in every bottle of Sassy Q sauce. Only the revenuers and Sassy know for sure.

Trish is a native of Memphis, TN, home of the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. She is a certified BBQ judge and has been judging on the national BBQ circuit since 1996. This expertise has enabled her to develop these unique blends of sauces and rubs.